Уровни владения
английским языком

*CEFR - Common European Framework
(Европейская система уровней владения иностранным языком)
Примеры текстов для понимания уровня:
"Mark is 12 years old. He has red hair and green eyes. His favourite sport is football."

"Sarah and Tom went to the lake. It was a warm day and they took a picnic. There were lots of ducks swimming in the lake. The children decided to give the ducks some bread."

"Antarctica has had a powerful effect on both explorers and scientists. In 1994 I discovered why, when I spent 7 months there collecting material for my travel book. It simply isn't like anywhere else on this planet. It is one-and-a-half times bigger than the United States, but it is very peaceful."

"Medicine isn't quite like other degrees. I spent the first three years studying and attending lectures on general anatomy and following that, I was then allowed to pursue a specialist interest. It was a very time-intensive degree. However, being thrown in at the deep end of some of the most challenging situations I have ever been in, and having to deal with patients from all walks of life, was extremely inspirational and I wouldn't change it for the world."

"The author raises important, if familiar, questions concerning the quest for beauty in architecture, or its rejection or denial. Yet one is left with the feeling that he needed the help and support of earlier authors on the subject to walk him across the daunting threshold of Architecture itself. And he is given to making extraordinary claims: 'Architecture is perplexing … in how inconsistent is its capacity to generate the happiness on which its claim to our attention is founded.' If architecture's capacity to generate happiness is inconsistent, this might be because happiness has rarely been its foundation."

"Member States shall refrain from introducing between themselves any new customs duties on imports or exports or any charges having equivalent effect, and from increasing those which they already apply in their trade with each other. Charges having an effect equivalent to customs duties on imports, in force between Member States, shall be progressively abolished during the transitional period. The Commission shall determine by means of directives the timetable for such abolition. It shall be guided by the rules contained in Article 14(2) and (3) and by the directives issued by the Council pursuant to Article 14(2)."